Privacy Policy

This privacy statement discloses all the essential things that you must know before using our assistance. You can rest assured knowing that all the personal information you give us for using our services is kept safe from third-party access. We maintain strict confidentiality and only use the details for the intended purposes. Get connected with us for detailed information about our policies.

Gather and Use of Personal Data

Like every other website, we demand personal data from our users, which includes your name, email address, phone number, and sometimes address. We collect all this data for various purposes which are mentioned below.

  1. Process your order.
  2. Send an order verification.
  3. Assess your brand requirements for selecting the accurate products.
  4. Respond to client assistance requests.
  5. Send newsletters or commerce communication.
  6. Enhance our website and our trade measures.
  7. Make tracking and estimations.
  8. Gather browsing and web data.

Access Your Personal Data

If you want to access the personal information that we possess of you, you can contact our support team. We allow you to make changes, including replacing the details or even deleting them, as per our rules and regulations. Moreover, in some cases, we also demand supporting documents to make sure it is you.

Data Removal Request

You reserve all privileges for requests to eliminate all your private data from our servers. For this, all you have to do is enter your account manager and select the “Delete My Account” button. We will ask about your identification details first to confirm your identity. Then we will process the request further and verify details related to you.

Keep in mind that only you or the authorized person can request your personal information. In case you have a minor child, we allow you to request on his behalf. However, you can make access requests only two times a year.


If you don’t want the advertising emails or newsletter, you can unsubscribe by contacting us and pursuing the steps of its unsubscription.

Information Sharing

We take information from you only with the purpose of making the process hassle-free. We never disclose your confidential data to unauthorized people. We only give your details to those companies that help us in commercial actions like credit or debit card processing or to the customer service team. However, you will receive an email if our team or any third party tries to access your accounts. Thus, you are on the safe side.

Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies

We use cookies intending to know about your interests and profile details. They are only used to gather general information, not confidential ones.

Other Websites Links

Other websites' links are accessible through our profile. Keep in mind that their privacy policies and rules are different from Premiumlogodesign. If you send your personal details to them, they are not linked to us. We suggest you carefully read all the privacy policies before trusting any website.

Privacy Policy Modification Notification

We keep on updating our policy from time to time. Whenever we make changes, we update you. Moreover, you will be invited to read our updated privacy policy so that you are aware of the latest information on our policy.